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100 Days of Python 🐍

The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021

Posted by Lenar on May 20, 2021

Im completed in "100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021" course from Udemy. Since my goal is to master Python, I chose to take this course in the hope it would provide more structure and better guidance than I was getting while "self-learning". While taking part in this course, I have been taking notes and what-not and attempting all of the course projects to the best of my abilities. I'll be using this repo as a way for myself to access them as, if and when I need them. 100 projects in 100 days. All the personal projects for Great professor and great course, really recommend it: 100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021.

👨🏻‍🎓 Beginner

Day 01: Working with Variables in Python to Manage Data

Day 02: Understanding Data Types and How to Manipulate Strings

Day 03: Control Flow and Logical Operators

Day 04: Randomisation and Python Lists

Day 05: Python Loops

Day 06: Python Functions & Karel

Day 07: Hangman

Day 08: Function Parameters & Caesar Cipher

Day 09: Dictionaries, Nesting and the Secret Auction

Day 10: Function Return Values and the Calculator Project

Day 11: Blackjack Capstone Project

Day 12: Scope and Namespacing in Python

Day 13: Debugging: How to Find and Fix Errors in your Code

Day 14: Higher Lower Game Project 

🏋🏻‍♂️ Intermediate

Day 15: Local Development Environment Setup & the Coffee Machine Project

Day 16: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Day 17: The Quiz Project & the Benefits of OOP

Day 18: Turtle Graphics and GUIs

Day 19: Instances, State and Higher Order Functions

Day 20: Build the Snake Game Part 1: Animation & Coordinates

Day 21: Build the Snake Game Part 2: Inheritance & List Slicing

Day 22: Build Pong: The Famous Arcade Game

Day 23: The Turtle Crossing Capstone Project

Day 24: Files, Directories and Paths

Day 25: Working with CSV Data and the Pandas Library

Day 26: List Comprehension & the NATO Pilot's Alphabet

Day 27: Tkinter, *args, **kwargs and Creating GUI Programs

Day 28: Tkinter, Dynamic Typing and the Pomodoro GUI Application

Day 29: Building a Password Manager GUI App with Tkinter

Day 30: Errors, Exceptions and JSON Data: Improving the Password Manager

Day 31: Capstone Project - Flash Card App

💪 Intermediate+

Day 32: Send Email (smtplib) & Manage Dates (datetime): The Automated Birthday Wisher

Day 33: API Endpoints and API Parameters - ISS Overhead Notifier

Day 34: API Practice - Creating a GUI Quiz App

Day 35: Keys, Authentication & Environment Variables: Send SMS

Day 36: Stock Trading News Alert Project

Day 37: Habit Tracking Pixel Project

Day 38: Build a Workout Tracking App that Talks to Google Sheets!

Day 39: Capstone Part 1: Flight Deal Finder

Day 40: Capstone Part 2: Flight Club!

Day 41: Introduction to HTML

Day 42: Intermediate HTML

Day 43: Introduction to CSS

Day 44: Intermediate CSS

Day 45: Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Day 46: Create a Spotify Playlist using the Musical Time Machine

Day 47: Create an Automated Amazon Price Tracker

Day 48: Selenium Webdriver and Game Playing Bot

Day 49: Automating Job Applications on LinkedIn

Day 50: Automated Tinder Swiper

Day 51: Internet Speed Twitter Complaint Bot

Day 52: Instagram Follower Bot

Day 53: Automated Data Entry Job

Day 54: Introduction to Web Development with Flask

Day 55: HTML & URL Parsing in Flask and the Higher Lower Game

Day 56: Rendering HTML/Static Files and Name Card Project

Day 57: Templating with Jinja and Blog Project

Day 58: Bootstrap

🚀 Advanced

Day 59: Upgraded Blog with Bootstrap

Day 60: HTML Forms with Flask

Day 61: Building Advanced Forms with WTForms

Day 62: Flask, WTForms, Bootstrap and CSV - Coffee & Wifi Project

Day 63: Databases and with SQLite and SQLAlchemy

Day 64: My Top 10 Movies Website

Day 65: Web Design School - How to Create a Website that People will Love

Day 66: Building Your Own API with RESTful Routing

Day 67: Blog Capstone Project Part 3 - RESTful Routing

Day 68: Authentication with Flask

Day 69: Blog Capstone Project Part 4 - Adding Users

Day 70: Deploying Your Web Application with Heroku

Day 71: Data Exploration with Pandas: College Major

Day 72: Data Visualisation with Matplotlib: Programming Languages

Day 73: Aggregate & Merge Data with Pandas: Analyse the LEGO Dataset

Day 74: Google Trends Data: Resampling and Visualising Time Series

Day 75: Beautiful Plotly Charts & Analysing the Android App Store

Day 76: Computation with NumPy and N-Dimensional Arrays

Day 77: Linear Regression and Data Visualisation with Seaborn

Day 78: Analysing the Nobel Prize with Plotly, Matplotlib & Seaborn

Day 79: The Tragic Discovery of Handwashing: t-Tests & Distributions

Day 80: Capstone Project - Predict House Prices

👨‍💻 Professional

Day 81: Portfolio Project - [Python Scripting]

Day 82: Portfolio Project - [Python Web Development]

Day 83: Portfolio Project - [Python Scripting]

Day 84: Portfolio Project - [GUI]

day 85: Portfolio Project - [GUI]

Day 86: Portfolio Project - [Game]

Day 87: Portfolio Project - [Web Development]

Day 88: Portfolio Project - [Web Development]

Day 89: Portfolio Project - [GUI Desktop App]

Day 90: Portfolio Project - [HTTP Requests & APIs]

Day 91: Portfolio Project - [Image Processing & Data Science]

Day 92: Portfolio Project - [Web Scraping]

Day 93: Portfolio Project - [GUI Automation]

Day 94: Portfolio Project - [Game]

Day 95: Portfolio Project - [HTTP Requests & APIs]

Day 96: Portfolio Project - [Web Development]

Day 97: Portfolio Project - [Python Automation]

Day 98: Portfolio Project - [Data Science]

Day 99: Portfolio Project - [Data Science]

Day 100: Portfolio Project - [Data Science]


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